We know how to connect with you so that you can connect with your customer.





Strategy & Planning

Big-picture ideas paired with meaningful results

Big-picture ideas paired with meaningful results

One voice--presented online, through collateral, on air, at events--this is what helps a brand connect with its customers. It lets them know what to expect and allows them to commit. Achieving that singular voice requires research, strategy, and flawless execution. Above all, it takes a partner capable of working in any medium and any technology effortlessly, without costly delays or a loss of purpose. Because there is nothing more confusing to your customer than a brand with two faces.

  • System Integration/Enterprise Architecture

  • Transformation planning

  • Strategy workshop methodology

  • Team development, training and mentorship

  • Technology integration strategy

  • Vendor/Partnership management

  • Start-up mentorship/leadership

  • Venture capital support


The science of creating lasting customer relationships

Strategy is the introduction of a solution in the appropriate way. Anyone can deliver results. But what good are they if they don't fulfill your needs or solve your problems? The essence of our strength is our ability to infuse strategy into our process using research, analysis and direction. We produce the right message, to the right audience, at the right time and through the right medium. Simply put, our strategy produces the right results, the ones you're looking for.

  • Multi-channel marketing strategy

  • Market research/User polling

  • Non-profit lead scoring

  • Marketing automation

  • Email marketing

  • Social media strategy

  • Digital marketing

  • SEO execution (PPO/Organic)

  • Content personalization



Infrastructure that supports you

fourmangos uses every possible technological solution available to meet our clients' needs, from system integration to simple email campaigns, in all development environments. We do this because technology is not some mysterious thing to be afraid of, but the application of scientific principle to commercial ends. Understanding that, we can all breathe easier. Knowing that we’re cost-effective and highly efficient, easier still.

  • Technology integration strategy

  • Vendor/Partnership Managemen

  • CRM/ECM integration strategies

  • Contractual negotiations

Hands on Technical proficiencies:

  • Microsoft (.Net/SQL/Windows servers)

  • Database administration / architecture

  • Kentico Web Development/Hosting

  • HTML / JavaScript / CSS3

  • MS Project

  • Kendo UI / Telerik

  • NOPCommerce/Ucommerce

  • Blackbaud CRM

  • Java/JSP

  • Bootstrap



Communicating your brand's story

Creative is the multisensory representation of an organization's brand. We help our clients communicate with their current and future customers in unique and powerful ways. Brands often struggle with the creative side of marketing, but our experts can help bring your vision to life. Offering an inspiring experience to your clients will keep them interested while building lasting relationships.

  • Digital experience

  • Branding strategy and execution

  • Print marketing

  • Application design

  • Responsive user experience

  • Mobile First