Why Multichannel Marketing is Essential in Today’s eCommerce Business World

As the pandemic continues to influence consumer behavior, it is becoming more important than ever to have a marketing presence across multiple channels.

Multichannel marketing is the practice of using several media channels for spreading marketing messages. With the marketplace rapidly changing and consumers demanding more from a brand, it is essential for businesses to leverage multiple channels. This can allow consumers to interact easily with a brand and build loyalty. Platforms can include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, SMS, a brand app, and more.

Interact with Consumers at the Right Times

With various platforms for your business to be found on, this newest trend in marketing involves tying them together to give a more personalized experience. A well-thought-out marketing plan should offer a seamless experience across all channels with the information presented at the right time. It is a way to deliver special offers, curated content, and recommendations when consumers are most likely to buy.

Giving the Consumer Choice

Multichannel marketing also offers the consumer choice. It gives them the ability to purchase from whichever platform they prefer. For example, some consumers may feel more comfortable clicking on an order link from Facebook while others trust Instagram.

Mobile Location Data

One of the rapidly growing marketing trends is being brought by mobile location data. With the help of mobile GPS or geofencing marketing, a cell phone will now be able to tell when a customer enters a physical storefront location. These consumers can directly be targeted during the “moment of truth” as they decide on whether to buy a product. So, they may have seen it advertised on Facebook and can now be notified on their phone about an offer or suggestion about the product while in the store.

As marketing practices change rapidly, your business needs to keep up to date with the latest strategies. Our experts at Fourmangos are always looking for the latest developments to help keep your business ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn how we can help streamline your marketing efforts across various platforms to create multichannel marketing.

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