We love having you as a client...here's a $500 gift card!

Updated: May 26, 2021

That's the strategy behind loyalty programs. Sorry existing 4m clients, we aren't sending you a gift card.

Rewarding your clients for loyalty and the concept has been around since the concept of a financial transaction became a reality.

For the team at fourmangos, we've worked with loyalty programs for the likes of Texas, DSW, Nestle, and Blackhawk Network

As a partner with LoyaltyPrime, we are building loyalty programs for our clients. The process is fairly straightforward thanks to the LoyaltyPrime API infrastructure and their integration team. Come this October 2020, we are integrating their latest API platform. We'll keep you posted on how it plays out.

And for a limited time only, if you come back to find out how well that integration went...we'll...say thank you. Verbally. No gift card.

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