Should You Go Custom or Off-The-Shelf?

Should a business build customized software or get an off-the-shelf solution?

This is a tricky question with no right or wrong answer. Business owners are looking for the best, but they often find it hard to decide which solution is right for them.

Why choose off-the-shelf software?

One of the main reasons people often choose off-the-shelf software is because it can be less expensive than custom software since the cost of development is divided among the end users instead of by just one single client. Off-the-shelf software can also be implemented quickly once it has been purchased and installed.

For startup companies that need a software solution, off-the-shelf software is often the answer until they get a good feel of their requirements. Many use this type of software to explore their requirements before they commit to a custom software build later down the line.

Why Choose Custom Software?

In today's technology-driven world, custom software could put your company in a better position to integrate with other digital tools. For those with a pre-existing IT system, investing in custom software could make the integration of the two much more manageable.

For a growing business, scalability is an important metric. If your software requires changes as your business starts growing, it may be more efficient to invest in custom software from the beginning.

By investing in custom software, your business can also stand apart from your competitors, and upgrades or features can be added when you want them - there is no wait time for a software developer to initiate them.

Just a Few Reasons

While these are just a few reasons as to which type of software may be best for your company, our team at Fourmangos understands there is a lot more when it comes to a decision. Contact us today to learn more about our software development services and learn how we can help better your business solutions.

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