Learn some of the most common mistakes made in eCommerce.

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Over the years, we have created a lot of eCommerce websites for our clients. No two have been the same, and of course, no two problems have been alike. When working with technology, you never know what roadblocks you may encounter.

The rise of digitalization has transformed the way companies operate. In today’s market, it is essential to have an eCommerce website. In fact, global online sales are projected to increase 26.7 percent year-over-year to $4.891 trillion in 2021 worldwide. So, if you don’t have a site up and running for your business yet, you are missing out!

However, building a user-friendly, professional site is easier said than done. Unless you have experience with eCommerce, we recommend giving our team a call and learning how to build a site that will convert to sales.

Is Your eCommerce Site Ready?

When a consumer wants something, the internet is where they go. So, your eCommerce site better be ready to accept orders and equipped to handle correspondence from your customers. Over the years, we have learned by building hundreds of sites. By knowing some of the most common problems before you start, you can be more prepared.

Omnichannel Retailing Strategy

In today’s interconnected world, customers want to reach out to your brand in a number of ways. They may wish to visit your website, use a live chat or a messaging platform, or leave a message on your social media page. Any businesses that are not moving toward an omnichannel retailing strategy will likely be left behind by their digit savvy competitors.

This means making sure your brand has the right technology backing it. We were able to recently help a client to identify the key channels which were most important to their customers. Once we had these details, we could update their site with live chat and in-app messaging, making it easier for their customers to reach out to them.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Another eCommerce site challenge is the shopping cart. It is often the most overlooked aspect of a website, but it is actually one of the most important aspects when it comes down to the customer fulfilling the purchase.

If a shopping cart has glitches or is tedious in any way, sales can be lost. Remember that consumers want a process that is as easy as possible. If they make it through your site but run into problems while checking out, many will simply leave.

If you notice people abandoning your cart often, you may want to consider redesigning your shopping cart. This is where having a live chat option on your site may help to save some customers from giving up and leaving your site altogether.

Data Security

Data security problems can lead to nightmare scenarios. As a site owner, you are expected to protect the consumer. But, chances are you don’t know much about internet security. Be sure to get help from a reliable company (fourmangos, hint, hint) who can make sure your site is keeping your customers’ information safe. We recommend managing your own servers, not using common FTP to transfer files, and having effective verification processes.

\Starting out with your own eCommerce site is no easy feat. Whether you are a service-based business, deal with drop shippin\g, or are strictly informational, you need a site that reflects the integrity of your brand. Contact us and speak with one of our experts about your business. We can build your site from start to finish and offer services to upgrade software whenever your business outgrows or needs something changed.

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