How Your Dealer Portal Can Strengthen Your Distributor Relationships

Many manufacturers are turning to dealer portals to connect with their distributors. Dealer portals are a smart option for those trying to cut re-occurring costs and increase dealer revenue. These platforms are a connection point between the two parties conducting trade and include the basics of item pricing, timing, and the financial exchange itself.

A Centralized Hub

A dealer portal can be a centralized hub for all your needs by streamlining operations between distributors and product offerings. A dealer portal offers an efficient way for your distributors to find product availability, pricing, and information on demand.

Technology will never be able to replace the value of people-based relationships, but a portal can free up territory management's time so they can focus more on these relationships and less on administration.

An Informative Dealer Portal

But a portal can’t just be a dumping ground of information. It is vital that your information is easily accessible and provides up-to-date and relevant information. Gone are the days of printed and bound brochures and price books. Distributers don’t have time to waste on sorting through prices lists, product documents, and technical specifications, nor do they have time to wait for someone to get back to them the next day. By this time, they may go to your competitor. This is why having a reliable and informative dealer portal is vital for your business.

The BundleB2B Platform

Here at Fourmangos, we are happy to partner with BundleB2B for BigCommerce. This SaaS application delivers advanced B2B functionality while being seamlessly integrated with the BigCommerce platform.

Dealers will appreciate the easy “buy again” functionality for reordering, and with the integration from BigCommerce, there is no need to transfer customer information. Price lists and customer profiles will automatically get transferred into your platform.

The dealer portal also allows for easy and convenient ways to ensure you get paid on time, cutting out the task of having to chase down dealers for invoices.

Our team at ShopIt Ventures can customize the features of your dealer portal to suit your industry and business needs. We will start by discussing your specific needs and wants to create a dealer portal that will streamline your business and help strengthen your distributor relationships. Today’s partners expect access to your latest product information and pricing through a portal. By making it easy for your dealers, you can strengthen your relationship and remain their top supplier.

Contact Fourmangos today to learn more about BigCommerce B2B dealer portals.

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