FORE! Aquatrols Approach Version 2 Released

Updated: May 26, 2021

Who doesn’t love rewards? Here at Four Mangos, we are happy to announce that through our partnership with LoyaltyPrime, we are bringing a more advanced level of functionality to the Approach member user base with the latest version of Aquatrol’s Approach mobile app.

By connecting the Approach Rewards Program to the Approach user base, clients can get rewarded for turf management purchases from authorized distributors. As approach members, points can be earned for purchases that are redeemable for a variety of rewards.

This latest version of Aquatrol’s Approach mobile app has been developed keeping the user in mind. With easy navigation and beautiful graphics, clients can easily and efficiently navigate through the software. The Aquatrol’s Approach app allows users to participate in programs, redeem points for rewards, view product information, and receive the latest offer and updates. It also enables users to connect directly with Aquatrol.

Through Aquatrol’s Approach mobile app, users can make early order commitments directly from their phone. Once the purchases of commitments are confirmed, Approach users will receive points that can be redeemed directly in the app for rewards.

Approach Rewards

Approach rewards are earned on qualifying purchases and can be redeemed for gift cards, account credits, educational summits and much more. Points can also be banked for future use. With the help of the latest version of Aquatrol’s Approach mobile app, customers can track all of their rewards and have peace of mind that they are held safe until they are redeemed.

What is Aquatrol?

Aquatrols is the world leader in the development of soil surfactants and other technologies that use soil-water-plant interactions. They provide beneficial products to managers in the turf, agriculture, greenhouse & nursery, and snowmaking industries.

When Aquatrol came to Fourmangos, they were looking for a firm that could provide them with the knowledge of technology to create the app and the marketing and business skills to understand their end goal. We did not disappoint. Our team was able to develop an app that was user-friendly and considered the end-user. With our team of professionals with varied backgrounds, we were able to create an app for Aquatrol that is easy and efficient to use and visually appealing.

If you are looking for mobile app creation for your business, contact our office today. We offer solutions that are built on the core value of relationships with your customers. Our professional services team would be happy to discuss our variety of services, from application design to system and technology integration.

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