Could BundleB2B Take Your Sales to the Next Level?

Fourmangos is proud to partner with BundleB2B. This remarkable platform is the eCommerce solution that businesses need to take their online store to the next level. This SaaS application delivers advanced B2B functionality while being seamlessly integrated with the BigCommerce platform.

Transform Your Sales Online

The BundleB2B eCommerce Solution is a robust, flexible, and convenient platform that can:

· Attract and engage new B2B prospects

· Manage all B2B customer accounts from one centralized location

· Increase B2B ordering efficiency

BundleB2B makes ordering easy for your B2B customers and helps to streamline the management process for customer service and sales teams. Thanks to its seamless integration with BigCommerce, your business can have all your information organized and at your fingertips for when you need it.

It has multi-level user management options that allow your team to share information while offering a quick account approval process. With a built-in sales representative quoting and approval portal, your potential customers are never left waiting on you.

Advantages To Your Customers

The BundleB2B is an efficient way for your team to do business, but your customers will also appreciate the wholesale customer approval process and business account application. The invoice portal also allows for easy and convenient ways to ensure you get paid on time.

With the customer account order history, they will appreciate the ability to “buy again,” which will save returning customers time when reordering. With the integration from BigCommerce, you will not need to worry about transferring customer information. Price lists and customer groups will automatically get transferred into your platform.

Considering BigCommerce?

These are just a few features of BundleB2B. If you are a B2B company considering launching a store or migrating over to BigCommerce, ShopIt Ventures can discuss many more of the platform's capabilities. Contact our team today to learn how BundleB2B may be what helps transform your business and lead to more sales.

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