Learn from our experts about B2B eCommerce misconceptions

There are many misconceptions around B2B eCommerce. So, our experts at Shopit Ventures are here to straighten out any confusion.

Customers Don’t Want to Order Online

One of the most common concerns we hear from our clients is that B2B customers don't want to order online. As the workforce ages and the new generation comes into purchasing and managerial rules, their preferred method of purchasing will become eCommerce.

The new buying behaviors of millennials mean that it is vital for your brand to have an online presence. Not only do they want to order online, but they also tend to conduct their own extensive research before making any purchasing decisions. This is why content within B2B eCommerce is also an important part of marketing.

You Are Not Already Selling B2B

The misconception here is that you do not need to be a supplier to sell B2B. Since there are many avenues to B2B commerce, some brands don't even realize they are already selling B2B. Selling B2B can include wholesale, selling to resellers, selling to organizations, and more.

If you wish to continue selling in both areas, our team at ShopIT Ventures can help build engagement and SEO on a single URL for both of your customers.

Your Prices Should Be Listed

With low margins and fierce competition, it is wise not to list prices to the public. An eCommerce solution would be to offer price availability only after a customer logs in to a portal. This also allows you to present prices for each customer as negotiated.

Online Ordering Is Cold

In the past, online ordering has come across as cold and impersonal. In today's world, however, through engaging content, live online chat, and social media, online ordering has enabled brands to build long-term, personal relationships with their customers.

In a Demand Gen Report, 55% said a digital buying experience is extremely important when selecting a vendor. If your business is lacking B2B eCommerce, you could be missing out on potential customers. Contact our experts today at Fourmangos to learn how we can take your B2B business online.

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