A Kentico silver partner, Fourmangos specializes in planning and implementing customer experience management solutions with Kentico across multiple desktop and mobile channels.  Kentico is our CMS of record and it is the platform we choose to integrate with our new clients.

Why we use it

Kentico is one of the top global content management systems (CMS), providing a robust platform to develop websites, custom applications and e-commerce solutions using Microsoft ASP.NET.

Kentico cms features

Content Editor

Kentico’s Microsoft Word style WYSIWYG content editor allows for easy formatting for anyone familiar with Microsoft tools.

Web analytics

With SEO-friendly URLS and URL aliases, customizable page titles, descriptions, SEO attributes and faster page loads, Kentico ensures web properties are efficient and easily recognizable to search engines.

Custom document types

Create document types with custom fields without needing programmer help.

Multilingual content

Translate content into multiple languages to help grow a globally marketable business.

Versioning and archiving

Easily decide exactly which version to publish, archive old documents, take down from a site and store for the future.

Metadata and taxonomy

Organize and describe key content, including web content, videos and images.

Multi-site management

Whether managing a corporate site, an online store, a micro-site or an online community, it is easy to manage a current site, launch new sites, maintain brand consistency and share content across sites quickly and easily from one place.

Customer experience management

Kentico moves customer experience management (CEM) beyond a content management system and grows organizations toward digital multi-channel maturity. A new user interface, dashboards, analytics, and widgets, provide instant data visibility to make quick decisions

Kentico ems (experience management system) features include:

  • A/B and multivariate testing

  • Campaign and conversion management

  • Lead and engagement scoring

  • Web analytics

  • Email marketing

  • Contact management and personalization

  • Segmentation