AquaTrols and LoyaltyPrime - it's a hole in one...

How do you reward loyalty?

When AquaTrols asked for help in locating a new loyalty program, they chose fourmangos.  We sat with their team, created a robust rfp and canvased the loyalty rewards market place.  We met with close to a dozen firms before we found Loyalty Prime.  It's been a great story ever since.

AquaTrols and their Approach app need a seamless integration

AquaTrols has an easy to use, mobile and web based loyalty platform called Approach.  Prior to Loyalty Prime's integration, the platform was managed with spreadsheets and lots of manual fulfillment.  With the powerful API service structure of Loyalty Prime, the Approach App is seamlessly integrated into the loyalty platform.  From the minute an Approach customer joins, they are working directly on the Loyalty Prime system.  It's fast, it's seamless, it's proving to be...the best approach for building customer loyalty.

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